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But compared with the 7. Why should they have the saying always? So much suffering, killing is involved.

Blind Date (Band)

In sports, olympics, championships, in art, music, theatre, politics … there are so many fields of expression where we can execute our quarrels and fight on a much more sublime level if necessary. If nobody supported wars anymore, they were finished tomorrow. All atomic weapons could and should be abolished immediately anyway — and all others too. Let us all work on compassion, respect, support, acknowledgement of our cultural and religious differences, but, PLEASE, peacefully.

We are one humantity, and we are all responsible for the future of our children and this precious planet Earth. Royer explained that the influential members of the Jockey-Club de Paris all of whom held season tickets were primarily interested in watching their favourites in the corps de ballet. They usually dined during the first act of operas, only entered their boxes when the second act began to watch the ballet, and departed immediately afterwards. Wagner adamantly refused to add a ballet to the second act, but compromised by adding one to the first act.

On its opening night in , the Jockey Club members duly arrived at the beginning of Act 2 and caused an uproar of shouts, whistles and laughter. Wagner recalled that when the whistling began, Royer turned to him in complete resignation and said, " Ce sont les Jockeys; nous sommes perdus. Wagner never permitted another production in Paris.

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In his autobiography, Wagner described Royer in one of their early encounters:. On one of these occasions Bulow accompanied me, and we were both struck by a ridiculous habit peculiar to this singular old man, whom Belloni [15] said he had known in his youth as a box-office clerk at the Scala Theatre in Milan. He suffered from involuntary spasmodic movements of the hands, the result of certain not very creditable physical infirmities, and probably to conceal these he continually toyed with a small stick, which he tossed to and fro with seeming affectation.

Alphonse Royer died of pneumonia in Paris on 11 April at the age of This is why his memory will live on with us. Finally, gentlemen, why all of you share my words, my regrets, my tears! Little has been written about Royer's personal life, although Fritz H.

What sort of musician should you date? - Classic FM

Eisner in his analysis of four letters by Heinrich Heine , describes one of them circa as "written to Dolores Royer, the wife of Heine's friend Alphonse Royer". The date and theatre given for a translated libretto is the date of the first performance using that translation.

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Biography Early years and first success Alphonse Royer was born in Paris to a prosperous family with various commercial interests. In suggesting him for the directorship, La Presse wrote: In his autobiography, Wagner described Royer in one of their early encounters: See Schreier especially pp. Strauss had wanted a duel with swords, while Heine wanted pistols.

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In the end, pistols were chosen, and the duel took place on 7 September in the Forest of Saint-Germain-en-Laye. Heine shot into the air.

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Strauss's shot gave Heine a slight wound on the hip. For an account in English of the duel and the events surrounding it, see Holub pp. Original quote in French: