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For example, if you are aware of some medical conferences or events in your town, you can try to find her there. But also remember that they are not that far from ordinary people, so you can meet them in some common places like cinemas, theaters, cafes, parks and so on. Another easy way to date a female doctor is to use a dating app.

We strongly recommend you Meetville as it has high matching results and is very easy to use. When you finally met your future girlfriend, there are some rules that you need to know. Female doctors are quite different from other girls. So, your attitude towards others and your actions are more important than just words or little gifts. Just remember that attention is more important for her and she would appreciate your attention much more than some expensive gifts.

So, be patient and let her do her work. As their work is connected with interaction with people, sometimes they may feel that they need some time all alone. Doctors have a high-stress work atmosphere. What you can do in this situation is to comfort her and help her to cope with stress. Your email address will not be published. Check here to Subscribe to notifications for new posts. Leave this field empty. Help to release the stress Doctors have a high-stress work atmosphere. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

I am married to a female surgeon, and I am in the oil and gas industry as a regional salesman. I cover three states and I have been asked numerous times by my customers how do I handle being married to a surgeon. Their issue is not only a disparity in income but her demanding work schedule. I have known great male docs and also a few d bags. If there is one thing that we all can agree on is that everybody is different. Spend a month in my shoes adjusting to the culture of big cities like Dallas or Baton Rouge to smaller ones like Gonzales or Searcy. You will see views on women in the work place are different.

All the people making generalizations need to chill. So give it a shot, we can be fun! This is a good discussion, and something that should be brought into the open. Society makes these generalizations that are also not true female doctors are caring and kind, men are afraid of women in strong positions, etc. I think a lot of these female doctors are believing their own incorrect hype.

It would be interesting if you forwarded this to your other female and male physician friends and get them to weigh in on their thoughts. DrMom — your last paragraph is wise. Frank Wunder — All too true. Girls often make statements as facts, that rarely coincide with real actual facts. Never have I felt intimidated by a girl who also happens to be a doctor. They have no problem berating, or throwing their partner under the bus to be right.

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Often men who make it to very accomplished career positions have turned into very interesting people as well along the way. This is including the male doctors that I know.

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I wonder why such a vast majority of these girls who study to be doctors end up being devoid of any personality or interests other than work? Generalizations are a good thing. If someone carrying a baseball bat and yellow socks hits you on the head, and the next four people carrying a baseball bat and yellow socks also hits you on the head, would you duck when you see the next person carrying a baseball bat and yellow socks comes your way?

I want someone to be nice, friendly, caring, feminine, and have interests outside of work. Not an ultra-aggressive, inflexible, time-strapped woman whose career offers me nothing else that I do not already have. Mike H, are you not describing overt as opposed to covert narcissistic personality traits in action amongst female physicians? I call a spade a space. Yes, many female doctors are narccistic. Problem is, it does not stop there. Female doctors are also often ultra-aggressive, and extremely self-entitled.

Top 8 reasons you should marry a female physician | Hot Heels, Cool Kicks, & a Scalpel

Can you do that for me right now? Can you just read it back to yourself? Perhaps you should be putting your efforts toward building a time machine, so you can return to the days when men dominated medicine because, clearly, that would make you more comfortable. The above commentary makes me wonder when some of the above men were dating female physicians. Some of my friends married fellow MDs.

Dating Advice : How to Date a Doctor

Others, like me, married men in other professions. I think physicians, being competitive people at baseline, do tend to compete w each other. The pets are less verbal. Yes, my husband does most of the cooking — he gets home first. I clean, because, after having the tar scared out of my by OR nurses, I have embraced sterile technique. But, we do what we do best.

I have more fun going bowling or hiking or camping. Can I pull amazing facts out of the air? Well, I hardly think that would be beneficial to a marriage. Do I have hobbies — yup. Have I turned my husband on to them — yup. Has my husband turned me on to his — yup. Do I have a sense of humor — yes, a wicked one. But, there are a lot of good ones out there. If you have only found spoiled, arrogant, self-involved harridans, it begs certain questions. Where have you been finding these women? Somewhere along the lines, most of the female MDs turn into high-strung, hyper-competitive, self-absorbed people who pick every little detail as hills to die on.

It truly is unfortunate to say, but the majority of female doctors I have met are spoiled, arrogant, and self-absorbed. They have forgotten the basics of how to be nice to people, have interests outside of work, and be considerate. Try developing a personality instead. Its good to ve this platform on women doctors. Life is light and darkness and the same applies to women doctors. Because some are white and others are black due to their life from the beginning. Either from their homes,schools,community,etc. And all women are special from creation. Have been praying to marry a woman doctor and i have my aims of getting a doctor to marry.

Not for their firm.. But i prefer having a doctor as a wife. One might say no to that because of what he have seen or experienced. Thank you for your platform. We are all unique in our own way whether we are lawyers, doctors, dentisits, vets, dancers, singers, artist, office manager… to each is own..

Oh by the way, I love love to workout as well as Physical therapy was my pre med course and know all the muscles , insertion and action by heart…. I live in the UK and am happily married to a doctor, she is a consultant equiv. The article seemed to tie in well with my wife, although I realise not everyone is the same. Regarding some of the negative views expressed in the comments, I know many female doctors both through my wife and through my own work; whilst there are flaws in characters as we all have the negative traits are no more prevalent than in the general population.

I know male doctors too of course and the same applies. Hi, I want to know if there is a site where I can meet a doctor for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage. Being a male who married an Ent Surgeon. If I was to have my time again knowing everything I know now despite having 3 beautiful Daughters under the age of 7.

I most certainly would not marry a female surgeon. There is a level of selfishness required to become a surgeon and initially this driven trait can be viewed as endearing, but eventually becomes isolating. No amount of understanding for the Non medical partner can soften the blow of rejection felt by being in a relationship with a medical professional.

I can easily name many more after 8 years of marriage and 14 in a relationship. Try and see it from a partners perspective when it comes to dealing with what drives you to be a Dr. Too many men out there think marrying s female doctor is great. My husband is a self employed work at home software engineer. I am a physician sub-specialist. He thanks his lucky stars every day that I married him 15 years ago. He has access to a high six figure income, lots of free time and I have a flexible schedule.

I am one of a handful of women in my group. My husband frequently is called upon to help these wives with home computing issues and other emergencies. Thank God I married an intelligent woman. They cannot do anything without asking permission- no shift switching, last minute interview dinners, section meetings.

Our vacation picks take forever because each pick has to go through wifey. They go out together all the time and go on vacation and leave the MDs at home with the kids and the nanny. They conspire to spend as much of their money as possible. I drive a Toyota, I am paying the bill. They drive Lexuses and Mercedes. So beware of the non-physician wife you seek. Her top priorities will turn to spending your money, Pilates and lunch dates, not you. I speak from experience. My priorities are family, work, exercise.

I love my girlfriends but not more than my husband. She embodies each of the qualities in this artical with a grace and calmness that I admire. Furthermore, her ability to multi task combined with that unique perspective on life is how she ensures a healthy balance with our relationship and life in general. She can handle the OR, trauma, or code, and still make it to dinner! Her low maintaince and spontinaity makes it easy for us to make time for the things that are important to us.

As a guy its extremely difficult to find a women with these genuine qualities. We are both very independent but share a mutual respect for how hard each of us can work. I loved this article- my stepmother is a rheumatologist and my dad used to run her practice… he retired when the practice was sold to a medical group. I know you have one. This article and the comments following it terrify me. I am a female going into my third year of medical school at 29, recently single after dating a fellow med student for a year and I know the next two years are going to be very demanding.

That leaves me at 31 most probably single and in residency. In terms of lifestyle and personality I see myself doing family medicine as I want a life beyond my career and balance is very important to me, so that puts me at 33 after res Canadian FM is 2yrs. The thing that terrifies me is I am going to find myself at this point where it seems like I have to advocate for reasons why men should date me because of my career, or be written off as a bad egg because of my age. I was a little late into the med school game because I did take time to experience life a little, and I am thankful as I feel much more well rounded than a good portion of my peers for it.

I am a very caring individual, and in fact have been told that I should be a little more selfish in my relationships, as I tend to invest a lot of myself into making sure those who are important to me know that I care, before I take care of my own needs. I do like the idea of the modern twist on fitting into the semi-traditional domestic role of the wife but also having the ability to pursue my passion of medicine in my career and I like the idea of having a partner who will work with me at this challenge to find balance in building a life together, perhaps having a family, and still have the luxury of working in medicine.

And how you define your life is up to YOU. I have written about this before https: I apologize true to my Canadian nature as saying I want a life beyond my career may have came off as me saying that if I were to do things another I would not have a life, nor would anyone who did it that way. Definitely not how I view the subject, and should have worded myself more along the lines of saying I think Family medicine would be the right choice for me as the structure of the lifestyle it would provide me would suit my ideal scenario for goals I have in my life outside of my career.

But thank you for the encouragement! Honestly, I would encourage you to take a second look. Female physicians fit the bill far more than the general population. It honestly should concern more female docs. It actually hurts, due to the unsavoury personality flaws it forms in so many female physicians. Rather, focus on being a nice, normal person and not an aggressive, task-oriented, hyper. Downplay what you do, and let the guy know you want to focus on who they are as a person. Too many female physicians can only talk about their job. Those ones go out for eggs benny and mimosas every sunday, but have no hobbies.

Let me say the same thing a different way: Suddenly that means all thin girls with a nice personality are your competition. Teachers, accountants, daycare supervisors, front desk secretaries are all your competition. And they have more time to dedicate towards their man. Best not fall into the female physician trap. I hope this helps. What does that say?

Suddenly there is a lot more competition in the Mrs department for a quality guy. The hyper-aggressive female physicians should take note. They miss that entirely. Men will marry nice girls. I just realized the original poster is a mike. I am not the same person. Michael is a fairly common first name. Thank you for your input, it was an enlightening read, although I am not sure if I would consider myself a hypergamous female, and more so would hope to find a nice guy I mesh well with.

I mean I definitely know some of my peers fit that bill, but not more than I have seen out there in the general population, and the fact that women are lying about what they do for a living when meeting a guy totally confuses me. Regardless I suppose all I can do is maintain the triad of qualities you listed and see what happens. I think it is funny how all these girls think men want their career. Women cling to the hilarious notion that men desire a well-educated woman.

No man with options ever has been turned on by a graduate degree or long career hours. He cute and nice. Be cute and nice. I have often wondered if the Medical Profession attracts certain personalities or is it the personalities that attract the Medical Pofession….

Just like the case of men, all women are NOT the same. There are still awesome female doctors out there. I feel bad you have been exposed to such women, but to grossly generalize statements like that about us is quite alarming and sad. I run, cook, bake, play violin, and make time for my friends and family. Been there, done that! Being unconventional to start with, I discovered I had to quit rocking the boat just to survive. Appparently life begins at I gave up being a PM for the sake of my marriage and went back to school and earned a BS and Masters degrees.

The man has to be someone different from most guys outside the profession. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Tips How to Meet And Date a Female Doctor

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. We understand hard work. We handle stress well and multi-task like pros. We are financially viable. We have good personalities. We tend to be low maintenance.

The Difficulties of Dating While Being a Female Doctor

We have a unique perspective on life. Sincerely, Canadian Male Doctor. Sorry for my english. Sincerely, Swiss Female Doctor. Your English is just fine, and thank you for voicing your feedback. Sounds like a pleasure to be around.. This post made me laugh. I hope you get posting ridiculous things! Sincerely, An awesome female. Wish you told me this before I married a female surgeon. Hit the nail on the head. Female physicians are often terrible partners. But seriously, hilarious post. Thank you for busting stereotypes. I thought Canadians were nice and thoughtful. Sorry for you Canadian Male Doctor!

Because that person does not have the same opinion as you? That is good advice about keeping your man. I replied to your comment in more detail below. I replied more in depth to your comment below. MD x 30 yrs, MRS x 22 yrs. Interested in you sharing more. It will help other men in the future who read this. There is a stereotype for a reason.. Here is the secret for catching a quality man or even a good guy: Somehow these female doctors think their degree makes them as a person.

Man An interesting read: