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  2. 16 year old daughter dating 26 year old?!?! : Parenting
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Its fine she's probably a whore at that age anyways. Lets face it 16 today is the equivalent of about 26 ten years ago. Not something that i have or ever would do, bur put into perspective. She is above the legal age to have sex, leave school, work full time and start a family.. Prince Charles was 13 years older then Lady Diana when they got hitched and she was only If they are happy leave them to it.

IMO opinion its wrong, she may be "legal" in the eyes of the law but it still doesn't seem right. I saw a girl the other day with a sash on that said 18 today or something like that A 16 yr old would look about 12 lol The point is legal or not, she probably looks like a child. If the legal age was 13 would i date a 13 yr old?

Same applies to 16 imo. Legal, but just plain wrong in today's society. Least at 18 you would hope that they would have a little life experience. Defo see it as nonce behaviour IMO. If you're thinking about it in the context you are, then that's pretty vile, my comment was directed at those above the legal age.

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Not allowed to just get a full time job. I thought 18 was the legal age if the other partner is greater than 18? Could be wrong though! The situation is very wrong though - horrible. Either you understand or do not. I'm not the one downvoting you, dude. She is of the -legal- age to be having sex, which is the subject at hand. You're using a different definition of legal. It's not wrong, it's just not what is being discussed in this topic. Age of consent is the only relevant thing here. Whether she can vote or buy alcohol doesn't really matter in this case.

The age difference is an issue but legal age is not an issue. And also while I'm at it, you need a new book if yours says this is paedophilia, that's sexual attraction to children, not teenagers nevermind the fact that according to the OP they're not having sex yet, although I bet that won't be for long but still, not paedophilia, its quite normal for a male to be attracted to a post-pubescent female, even 16 year olds.

You can't stop the relationship if she is pass the age of consent. And 16 in Australia is old enough to do quite a lot of things like leave high school, get a trade, live by herself, get married. She is still a minor but she is able to make her own decisions as well. What kind of 26 year old has anything in common with a 16 year old kid?

Not sure why you go downvoted, because that's absolutely correct. Came here to comment similar.

It just irritates me that people especially here in the US think an adult being attracted to a 17yro makes said adult a pedophile. That's not what that word means. It's fucked up, for sure, but not pedophilia. Pedophilia refers to a sexual orientation towards prepubescent children. A 16 year old is not prepubescent and in fact, as OP noted, is of legal age to give consent in their country. I can't imagine children that age bullying someone for dating some older unless they are middle aged.

I tend to think more of them would be jealous. I definitely would have been in the "what the fuck is wrong with him" camp in high school. I'm his age, and even the most mature 16 year olds still look and act like children to me. But looking back I was still just a kid. I absolutely cannot understand why a man our age would want to date a teenager, certainly not one that supposedly has his life together and is mature himself. Is she being bullied now? If not, don't worry about it. It sounds like her social life isn't centered around school, anyway.

She also sounds like an inner-directed person; not that mean comments can't be hurtful, but she can probably put them into perspective the way an outer-directed person might not be able to. I'm not being clinical here, just pointing out that some people's lives don't depend on what people outside their immediate circle of influence think; others are highly sensitive to all criticisms.

I lived on a military base and started dating guys who were when I was I think its more important that she be open with her family than anything else, and you seem to be welcoming to her choice and trust her judgement. That will count way beyond school friends, imho. Also, one thing the advent of Facebook and reconnecting with old high school friends taught me is that I had zero in common with the majority of them, including the ones I thought I was closest to.

I deleted my FB account within a couple of years, and quite frankly don't miss any of them. Your daughter's future does not depend on high school friends. What is so "amazing" about this man? Seems odd to say that from a parent's standpoint without specifics. If he's really meant to be with her then they can wait to be together once she has grown into adulthood. I don't think having an intense sexual relationship would do her any good despite her maturity.

If they feel strongly for each other they will have sex no matter what your daughter says and that should be a decision made by her and a peer, not her and someone who can and does have a bigger influence on her. My close friend had a relationship like this she was 16 and he was 25 and he did "love" her in the way he knew how at the time but their relationship was very imbalanced. She looked up to him and he tried to see her as an equal but it just never worked that way and always treated her like a child who didn't know better or understand.

He wasn't a predator and I can vouch for that although I never really accepted the relationship. He wasn't mature and I felt he definitely was more into the idea of her being hot, young, and naive--the last one he wouldn't admit. He never got dates at that time from women his own age because frankly, they wouldn't put up with his immature crap. A 16 year old didn't see any issues and so they dated for almost 2 years. She lost her virginity to him and when I asked him about it he just said "it was weird but we do it a lot now so that's cool" In the end they had a lot of fights about her giving up everything for him and him seeking out attention from other older women.

Finally it ended and she started dating someone her age in college soon after. He is still single but finally working on himself after a string of really bad relationships.


16 year old daughter dating 26 year old?!?! : Parenting

I felt that she was very negatively affected from that relationship, especially since it was her first. I still follow her on facebook and she seems to be very insecure and needy with her current boyfriends. I mean maybe this dude is totally different than my friend and maybe to him she is the most special flower etc If he's so amazing why can't he see the unavoidable imbalance in the relationship and find a way to move forward?

That would be "amazing" of him and better for her and potentially both of them if they are meant to be. You know what they all had in common? They couldn't get their life together, would've struggled to find a woman their own age who would tolerate them, and didn't have a plan or goals for a future.

So instead of being the bottom of the barrel in their own age group they drop back the where being able to drive a car is the peak of maturity and coolness, and they get to feel like rock stars. I'm not saying that's the case with your daughter and her BF, or even that it's bad for her to date him, but that's what it is. She will either outgrow him, or he will end up holding her back. First get to really know him. Yeah she went through a lot but that also means she lost a lot of her childhood.


That will come into play later. All you can do really is let them know they should take it easy wait the time and let that two years go past. If they can handle that there is a huge chance they are a good couple. If he cant wait that long then its about banging young chicks and not about being a couple. I think the best thing you can do is make sure she is on contraception and talk to her about safe sex and making sure she doesn't rush into decisions and is responsible.

If they are having sex you probably can't stop the horse once it's bolted. My parents had a similar age gap between them. My dad was 18 when he began dating my Mum who was in her 20s. My Mum was called a cradle robber.

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They've been married for 35 years and have 5 kids and 4 grandkids. Some people just find each other really early in life. He is a loser. If he works in a gym, he has ample opportunity to meet age appropriate women. Take a hard look at why he is choosing such a young girl. If she is shy and has low self esteem, this could be the beginning of a very dangerous trafficking recruitment effort.

Be especially concerned that she suddenly has a lot of new older friends. I think if they are both happy, and you know this guy and can see they are right for each other, well then fuck everyone else, you show your daughter all the support she needs. I don't really think her getting bullied at school for it would really be a problem, but if it is just talk to her about it and show her love and support.

I am in a similar situation. My daughter is 17 and recently started seeing a 26 year old. I was angry and very against it at first, but after meeting him and seeing the two interact, I feel much better. The boys that she dated before, that were her age, were always so insecure and jealous. I am very worried about how the rest of the family will react when they find out his age. She will be 18 in a few months and I'm hoping that will help things some.

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It sounds like you are open and honest with your daughter, and that she is with herself too. In raising teens, I find that the older they get our job is to guide them more than control. Letting them make there own choices and mistakes is important. Not everyone is going to except their age difference, and your daughter as well as mine is going to have to decide if the usumptions, and judgements of others is worth the relationship. I think honesty and openness is key here.

One thing I asked of my daughter is to not allow herself to give up the plans she has for the near future. Being with someone of that age, he might have a different idea of what their future might be than she does. If he is a good man, and right for her I want to see him encouraging her youth and not taking it away from her.

Just asking, did you have to be mature for your age because your dad was irresponsible? I don't get why he would lie about you being 19 either, and I can't think much of a parent who thinks it's a good idea for his year-old's 24 year old boyfriend to move in. Your boyfriend had the best reaction in the story. I'm glad it worked even with the unusual start. It seems like you've become a strong compassionate person in response to early trials and I wish you and your fiance all the best: When I was 18 I thought I was every so mature.

I scored higher than all the other kids in my grade in our final exams by a large margin, I got along better with teachers than other kids.


But don't push her too hard because she can get emancipated and that would be legal at that point.. So just try to convince her in a very nice way: Depends on what state they live in and what the age of consent is - there is nothing illegal about them getting married when she turns It isn't illegal as far as I know Related Questions 28 year old man wanting to "date" two 16 year old girls? Why is it ok for a 16 year old girl to date a 28 year old man but its not ok for a 17 year old guy to date a?

What problems do you have with a year-old girl dating a year-old man? Answer Questions Guys, how do I cheer him up?